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Kitchen floor tented with plastic and a dehumidifier is ducted to the tent for drying

Tents are not just for camping

As trained professionals, we at SERVPRO of Mountain View, Los Altos have to make decisions on daily basis on how to handle each job. Sometime we just need equipment, sometimes we need to remove some affected material, and sometimes we have to tent the affected area to help speed up the drying process.

Drying equipment set up at a home gym affected by water loss

Sometimes drying equipment is all you need

This home gym sustained a water loss affecting the carpet. Because the carpet is on a concrete slab, the carpet removal was not needed to mitigate the water damage. Setting up drying equipment was enough to get the job done.

Empty commercial space that is being converted from a grocery store to a hardware store

And the plan of attack is...

When businesses close or relocate the space gets left with remanence of a previous occupant. The new tenant of this space called SERVPRO of Mountain View, Los Altos to help them clean it before moving in.

Front of commercial space littered with trash by homeless people

Community Clean Up Efforts

SERVPRO of Mountain View, Los Altos is partnering up with a Community Service Agency to help clean up trash and belongings left by homeless people after relocation. We are proud of our city and want to help keep it clean.

A hole in a wall of a laundry room post electrical fire of washing machine

A house chore gone wrong

A washing machine malfunctioned causing an electrical fire in this home leaving the renters scrambling for help with a two-month old baby. They called SERVPRO of Mountain View, Los Altos to help them with their belongings and relocation while the repairs and cleaning are being done.

Business destroyed by fire - room with debris from fire

Devastating effects of fire

This devastating fire in Santa Clara shopping center left several stores without power and heavy smoke smell, while putting two businesses completely out of commission for months after it happened.

Blue tarp on a roof of a commercial building

The largest you've got, please

When a commercial building had a fire and the fire department made several holes in the roof - what do you? Get the largest tarp you can find! SERVPRO of Mountain View, Los Altos was called out to an emergency tarping of the roof post fire to protect the building from weather until repairs can be made.

A crew of four technicians standing in front of SERVPRO green van and a pile of demolition debris

Long day's work during Texas storm

Our team of technicians that volunteered to go help during the Texas storm event admiring their long day's work. This job was a full demolition job of a bathroom that got affected by a burst pipe during the freeze.

A crew of technicians cleaning up blown-in insulation

Divide and conquer on a Texas Storm job

A crew of technicians cleaning up blown-in insulation at a Texas Storm job. Dropping a ceiling after a water loss that caused half of the ceiling to collapse is a messy job.

Plastic wall containment set up at a business during water mitigation

We will work around you

Plastic wall containment set up at a business during water mitigation so that the business can stay operational during our work. We know that every minute the business is not operating is costing them money, so we do our best to work around it by setting up containment to isolate the area that we are working in to minimize disturbance to the business.

Kitchen affected by water from water filtration unit

Water damage due to a faulty water filtration unit

Half of this home got affected by water from a water filtration unit that decided to burst and spray water everywhere! Luckily, the homeowner was home and was able to turn off the water before the whole house got flooded.

Project manager is using a water extraction machine to remove water from carpet

Using state of the art equipment to extract water

Using state of the art water extraction machine to extract large amount of water that came from broken water heater in the unit above. This Rover takes corners with ease and provides maximum extraction on all types of carpet.

Technician in water proof suit extracting water from crawlspace

Businesses help other businesses

This crawlspace had so much water from a broken pipe, the plumber had to reach out to SERVPRO to extract water several times and spread absorbent, so they can repair the pipe.

Technician in white suit and full face mask sending subfloor in crawlspace

Mold in crawlspace is a tough job!

Mold in crawlspace is a tough job to do, but someone has to!

The technicians have to be in full protective gear, laying on their backs, sending the mold off of the subfloor before sanitizing and encapsulating it.

Broken sliding glass door boarded up with plywood

An emergency board up in the middle of the night

Emergencies happen at any time of day or night. This board up needed to be done late at night because a dog went through the sliding glass door. The dog is okay and the sliding glass door got repaired.

Damaged ceiling and wall in a storage room of a business after neighboring fire

Fire at a business in Santa Clara, CA

This business suffered fire damage from a fire that occurred in a neighboring business. The fire affected several businesses and caused them to close until fire and smoke remediation can be completed. This business owner reached out to SERVPRO for help.

Green air scrubber in a living room placed for smoke remediation

Scrubbing the air for smoke damage after a fire

Smoke damage due to a fire can be more problematic than the fire itself. The fire was in a neighboring unit causing the smoke enter this unit and affect all contents and the unit itself.

Picture of wall and ceiling opened up by fire department post electrical fire

Small electrical fire - big damage

The homeowner was able to put out the electrical fire in his home and called the fire department. The fire department had to open up all walls and ceilings in order to make sure nothing will reignite again.

Two technicians in white tyvex suits performing deep cleaning on conference room chairs

Deep cleaning, please.

Whether you need COVID sanitizing or just a deep cleaning of your office, SERVPRO can help. This business needed some deep cleaning done and sanitizing of a conference room and common areas.

Green air fans set up in commercial open space

Let equipment do the work

Sometimes just setting up equipment to dry the affected area is all we need to do. This commercial space had a flood, but luckily, extracting the water and setting up drying equipment is all that was needed.

Technician doing final cleaning with a vacuum after demolition

Post demolition clean up

The technician is performing final cleaning after removing affected carpet and drywall in this business that got affected by water intrusion from the rain gutter outside the window before installing drying equipment.

Contents manipulation and cover

Contents manipulation and cover

This house unfortunately got affected by the freeze storm that occurred in Texas. The pipes froze and burst under the kitchen sink. In order to perform mitigation the crew has to move all contents out of the affected area and cover them so that they don't get affected during mitigation.

Bathroom - carpet and pad removed

Bathroom - carpet and pad removed

This master bathroom got affected by the water from a burst pipe in the shower ceiling during the Texas freeze storm. Because everyone was having the same issue, plumbers and restoration companies were hard to find to address the damage, causing mold to grow. This is the end result of water and mold remediation.

Crown molding and baseboards removed

Crown molding and baseboards removed

This is another unfortunate house with frozen pipe that burst in the master bedroom ceiling, causing the ceiling to collapse. The ceiling had to be dropped and walls had to be cut two feet up to finish drying the affected studs that haven't been able to dry due to insulation.


COVID-19 Sanitizing /Desinfecting

COVID-19 Sanitizing /Disinfecting Commercial office.  

As businesses begin to reopen their doors, they reach out to SERVPRO to keep their employees safe by having their office cleaned and sanitized on regular basis.

Our fellow Team

COVID-19 Sanitizing /Desinfecting

We at SERVPRO of Mountain View, Los Altos care about our customers and ensure that everyone follows strict guidelines for protecting themselves and the customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Water Damage

Water Damage in San Jose, CA

Accidents happen. This is the aftermath of a faucet accidentally left on causing flooding of the entire 3-level house. All flooring, walls and ceiling had to be removed to mitigate the water damage and dry affected substructure. 

Smoke Remediation

Smoke Remediation in Sunnyvale, CA

Fires, even when put out right away, can still leave unpleasant smell in your home. Along with cleaning affected surfaces, we use a combination of air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators to get rid of the smell "Like it never even happened."

Roof Tarping

Roof Tarping in Ben Lomond, CA

This homeowner was fortunate that no one got hurt when the neighbor's tree fell on their house during a wind storm. We had to use several tarps to cover damaged part of the roof to protect the house from the coming rains until it can be repaired.

Flood Damage

Flood Damage in Aptos, CA

This house had six inches of standing water throughout the bottom level of the house due to flooding after heavy rains. After the water dissipated, we removed affected flooring and walls to sanitize and dry the substructure.

COVID Cleaning

COVID Cleaning in Sunnyvale, CA

This business in Sunnyvale, CA wanted to make sure all the employees were safe to return to work.

The process of COVID cleaning involves spraying the disinfectant specifically formulated for SERVPRO and wiping all surfaces.