Commercial Photo Gallery

Empty commercial space that is being converted from a grocery store to a hardware store

And the plan of attack is...

When businesses close or relocate the space gets left with remanence of a previous occupant. The new tenant of this space called SERVPRO of Mountain View, Los Altos to help them clean it before moving in.

Blue tarp on a roof of a commercial building

The largest you've got, please

When a commercial building had a fire and the fire department made several holes in the roof - what do you? Get the largest tarp you can find! SERVPRO of Mountain View, Los Altos was called out to an emergency tarping of the roof post fire to protect the building from weather until repairs can be made.

Two technicians in white tyvex suits performing deep cleaning on conference room chairs

Deep cleaning, please.

Whether you need COVID sanitizing or just a deep cleaning of your office, SERVPRO can help. This business needed some deep cleaning done and sanitizing of a conference room and common areas.

Green air fans set up in commercial open space

Let equipment do the work

Sometimes just setting up equipment to dry the affected area is all we need to do. This commercial space had a flood, but luckily, extracting the water and setting up drying equipment is all that was needed.

Technician doing final cleaning with a vacuum after demolition

Post demolition clean up

The technician is performing final cleaning after removing affected carpet and drywall in this business that got affected by water intrusion from the rain gutter outside the window before installing drying equipment.


COVID-19 Sanitizing /Desinfecting

COVID-19 Sanitizing /Disinfecting Commercial office.  

As businesses begin to reopen their doors, they reach out to SERVPRO to keep their employees safe by having their office cleaned and sanitized on regular basis.