Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Bathroom cabinet affected by water damage

water leak affected bathroom cabinet and we had to demo and do our restoration Job 

Demo of an affected walls and ceiling after water damage and Mold discovered

This is how we make sure everything is taking care of for the customer satisfaction

The tip of an iceberg

You know that expression, "the tip of an iceberg?" That's what this kitchen was. Harwood floor got damaged from a refrigerator line leak beyond the point of rep... READ MORE

Returned from vacation to discovered water damage

This customer was away from her home for about a month and returned home to find her bedroom has sustained water damage from the unit above. Because she was gon... READ MORE

Local businesses working together

We work with other local businesses in their time of need to provide service they are not able to perform themselves and vise versa. This this situation, a loca... READ MORE

Puzzling water loss

In these before and after pictures, the homeowner called us out to mitigate a water loss that came from the shower valve, but we had to figure out the path of w... READ MORE

Buckled Floor Due To Water Damage in Los Altos Hills, CA

This floor started to buckle as a result of water damage from a faucet accidentally being left on. Some of the flooring had to be removed to dry the subfloor an... READ MORE

Water Damage in San Jose, CA

This flooded house in San Jose, CA was the result of a faucet accidentally being left on. The water was EVERYWHERE! The before picture was just one of many affe... READ MORE